client EDF R&D (Paris / 2015) design team Christophe Gaubert, Guillaume Foissac images Léo Caillard scenography Yee Hsien Tan  photos Christophe Gaubert

Design fiction about the future of energy.

By 2051, climate imbalances force the humanity to adapt. Technological tribes were formed, exploiting direct environment and developing new societal structures. They produce and use energy according to climate and available natural ressources around them. Each tribe has specialized in one type of resource and cultivate specific technologies, gradually developing « acclimated » lifestyles…

Depending on locations, we can observe various acclimated tribes : Isothermals who know how to save energy, Winders who hunt tornados or migrate with the winds, Hydros who use rivers and energy from rain, Solars who live close to the clouds.

This project was part of an EDF exhibition during Saint-Étienne International Design Biennal.